The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ( NCTM) advocates a strong and technologically rich mathematical education for all students.

"Technology is an essential tool for learning mathematics in the 21st century, and all schools must ensure that all their students have access to technology. Effective teachers maximize the potential of technology to develop students’ understanding, stimulate their interest, and increase their proficiency in mathematics. When technology is used strategically, it can provide access to mathematics for all students (NCTM position statement)."

Mathematics and science can be integrated for a powerful educational process. Collecting and analyzing real world data provides practical applications for the mathematics that students are learning. Probeware, such as that from Vernier, can be used in both science and math to work with the real world data. Vernier equipment can work with both computers and Texas Instruments graphing calculators. Vernier math

Here is an interesting location, using "math machines". Math Machines

The San Antonio Technology in Education Coalition (SATEC) was an alliance of educators in San Antonio, Texas. It was funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant and ran from 1997-2002. SATEC provided resources to improve the technology instructional skills of teachers by incorporating technological innovations into the classroom. The technology was used to help the students make the connections between the real world and their learning. Although somewhat dated, there are quality lessons available and updated versions may be posted as well. The SATEC site is available here. satecsite